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Blueprint was created as a new platform that combines the history of projects of its two founding partners and their common vision for the future in development.

Many years of experience and quality of implemented projects are a guarantee of our professional approach. We are a reliable team whose task is to produce a basic business idea for projects and bring innovative and attractive solutions for them. We mainly focus on the purchase and preparation of plots for various development projects. Each of them requires an individual approach, but we always try to highlight the potential of plots or their localities. The goal is to invest and enhance the area to which we add value.

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Kittsee logistik park


The Austrian municipality of Kittsee is located in the district of Neusiedl am See. It lies on the border triangle of Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria which predestines this location to industrial activities. This as well as its excellent connection to the Austrian A6 motorway are the reasons why the Kittssee Logistics Park was established here. The park […]

  • Location: Kittsee - Austria
  • Land area: 138 044 m2
  • Built-up area: 70 000 m2
  • Construction start: end of 2023

VGP Park Zvolen


Mediation of land sales in Zvolen. In this case, we brought the buyer of 10ha, namely the company VGP, which is a major international player in the development of warehouses and logistic halls. The park is located on the north-western side of the city of Zvolen, approx. 1.4 km from the R1 Bratislava – Zvolen express road, with direct access to the 1st class road I/66 Zvolen […]

  • Project name: VGP Park Zvolen
  • Location: Zvolen
  • Area: 10 ha

VGP Park Bratislava


Mediation of land sales near Bratislava. The land has already been consolidated by Starland. In this case, we brought the buyer of 58ha, the company VGP, which is a major international player in the development of warehouses and logistic halls. In the territorial part of Bernolákovo, known as Triblavina, there is currently being built a park with premises suitable for logistics, production, and business activities. Approximately 250,000 […]

  • Project name: VGP Park Bratislava
  • Location: Triblavina, Chorvátsky Grob
  • Area: 58 ha

On a Green Hill


The Green Hill project was completed in October 2020. It is an apartment building in Banská Bystrica, which offers 53 housing units along with underground parking. In the garage, you will find 25 parking spaces, which are complemented by outdoor areas and parking lots. It is a modern building that takes care of the equipment quality and […]

  • Project name: Na zelenom vŕšku
  • Location: Banská Bystrica
  • Apartments: 2500 m2
  • Retail/administrative: 400 m2
  • 25 parking spaces in the underground garage
  • 50 outdoor parking spaces

LXT house


The four-storey administrative building LXT house with covered parking is located in the TOP locality of the centre of Bratislava – close to the pedestrian area, the Danube riverbank, the Eurovea shopping centre, and the new Nivy bus station. In the building, there have been created up to 21 parking spaces, which are easily accessible […]

  • Project name: LXT house
  • Location: Bratislava
  • Administrative: 1400 m2
  • Apartments: 700 m2
  • 24 parking spaces in the underground garage

Sales of premises of the company Towercom, a.s.


With our help, the so-called brownfield – old, neglected, and unused land was transformed into a new project with current use for residential housing, warehouses, recreational, or administrative purposes. This transformation created a suitable zoning plan for the present, which the end developer followed up with a construction project of diverse types. The sale of former transmitters of […]

  • Project name: Premises of the company Towercom, a.s.
  • Location: Territory throughout Slovakia
  • Land area: cca 76 ha

Purchase of land in Devínska Nová Ves


Purchase of land in the Devínska Nová Ves, a city district in Bratislava, for a private investor. A new arrangement of the cadastral map was created from the area where there were only fields and marsh. We covered the purchase of land of ca. 15 hectares, their property and legal settlement, and subsequent consolidation. Improvements to this […]

  • Project name: Purchase of land in Devínska Nová Ves
  • Location: Devínska Nová Ves
  • Land area: 15 ha

Strekov - Nová Vieska and Rúbaň


Acquisition and property and legal settlement of land in Nová Vieska in the wine-growing region of Strekov. Ensuring a long-term lease for winegrowers and their planting and agricultural activities. Another 30 hectares of already planted vineyards in the neighbouring village of Rúbaň were gradually added to the area of approximately 100 hectares. The merger of these two vineyards […]

  • Názov projektu: Vinárstvo Naše vinohrady
  • Lokalita: Strekov
  • Veľkosť pozemku: 130 ha



Land settlement in Bratislava, land preparation, and co-operation in engineering. Subsequent mediation of the final bidder – Kaufland. Thanks to this, two large stores of this German chain of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and department stores were built on Harmincova St. in Dúbravka, and also in Mlynská dolina near Patrónka.

  • Project name: Kaufland
  • Location: Bratislava
  • Land area: 4,5 ha

Vineyards Devín


Acquisition and preparation of land in the village of Devín, near Bratislava, which lies at the southwestern foothills of the Little Carpathians, above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers, for wine-growing and vineyard planting. The purchase of many smaller plots, their property and legal settlement, and subsequent consolidation took place on the area of […]

  • Project name: Vineyards and farmstead Chateau Devín
  • Location: Devín
  • Land area: 17 ha



Restructuring and administration of the industrial area (Brownfield) of the company Skylife s.r.o., situated in the locality of Malacky. We cleaned the brown zone, cleaned the area of waste, and prepared the land for its new function. The last step was reconstruction and subsequent lease and management of a production hall of approximately 14,000 m2 to companies […]

  • Project name: Skylife
  • Location: Malacky
  • Land area: 10 ha
  • Usable area of the ind. hall: 14 000 m2
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